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                       MTX75 DOGBOX KIT

                      Ford Focus / Escort RS 2000 Dogbox

Type of gearbox: MTX75 (As standard in Focus, Escort RS 2000, Mondeo etc.)

Gearboxes can be used with engines :Zetec 2.0/Duratec 2.0/Doch 2.0 /.....

Direct connection transmission kit available in stock with below mentioned ratios.
Delivery includes all parts assembled on the shafts.
The kit is very simple to assemble in standard gearbox without earlier experience. The kit includes assembly drawing and spare parts list.
A direct connection transmission kit with straight cut gears.
Gearbox oil recommended: Castrol SYNTRAX LIMITED SLIP 75W-140
Castrol's old mark: Castrol SAF XJ
Designed for on the gearbox, where is the limited slip differential.
Check the limited slip differential from the manufacturer, the oil's suitability of .
The weight of the kit is 13 kg.
Maximum input torque is 300nm. 


Gear 1=2.50         

Gear 2=1.823

Gear 3=1.476  or =1.444       

Gear 4=1.272  or =1.190 

Gear 5=1.173  or =1.045 


Alternative differential ratios















                                                                              ASK PRICE






Some customers incar videos.  

FW Ford Escort RS and Ford Focus            





(Other ratios can be supplied on request if the design is technically possible to perform)



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